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Best Travel Sites Research

2006-12-24 05:34:00

Best Travel Sites Research
Khon Kaen Thailand Southeast Asia

I am hopefully going to compile and create my list of Top Travel Sites of 2006, therefore I am worried...

2006 is ending in a few days.
Last years picks were:

I go to and search for terms like - Best - Top - etc and hope to find something I did not notice or remember.

I am a difficult person, hard to recommend something that I do not use and I see that most of the recommendations by these sites.... I feel or am sure the writer never used in his or her life. But, they sounded good, had the right credentials and had the proper style.

I am a traveler, I spent over 335 t0 345 days outside the USA last year ,and the year before, but doe this count? I am not sure....

(Whistle Blowing in background)

We need a ruling, what is a the "Travel Rules" on what qualifies a person as a traveler?
Do we first need to decide, are you a traveler or a tourist?

I am traveler, I do not have 24/7 Internet connections.

What I will recommend and continue to recommend are sites that I use, not what sounds good and for sure sites that are impossible to use in an Internet cafe in 15 minutes.

I have been perusing the sites, and most are not useful, they are fun, there is a huge difference, however do TOURIST have needs? Give them another beer please.

I have essential safety needs, planning needs, and go to dangerous places sometimes, there is a difference between need and a luxury tour.

So, I use site for information mostly, answering the questions, that need an answer.

Oh well, maybe the other sites are written by travel writers, I always wonder what the are doing at home in this high tech age of travel, Don't they earn enough money to travel, or are all trips free or given to them for them saying nice things...

Best Travel Sites Research