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Ants in My Bed

2006-12-18 21:22:00

Ants in My Bed

Maybe a solution:
1. Baby Powder to get them out of the bed.
2. Set up a perimeter around the bed with what you can find in the country you are in...

These are choices:
Cayeen pepper
Ground Cinnamon
Borax (Laundry Section)
Bay Leaf
White vinegar

I am hyper-sensitive, I can feel the ants, they are in my bed. I am now on the Full Moon Party beach of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand.

I am not in the cheap hotel, I am in the all concrete, 450 Baht room, I cannot buy to Ant Control... aagh.

Ok, wood rooms are way beyond my abilty to work with, I need a good, normal on the planet concrete room to make headway.

Hot Springs Chris has been recommending Pepper to me for years, however, how do I put pepper around my whole room. I have decide it is possible to reduce the space free from ants, I am setting up a perimeter around my bed only, I will now only set up my bed in the center of the concrete floor, then use pepper and other easy to find products.

Then, how to get out of my bed? I hope baby powder will work..?

I think, I hope I have a solution, in many ways this comes down to the problem, if I spray the room, I will be sleeping in a smelly, insect repellant room. I do not want to spray my bed with insect repellant.

I do not know, however these two pages are helpful.

This is like a tip in progress, one of these days I will figure out the right combination to make my life free from ants in my bed.

Ants in My Bed