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Ants and Cockroaches

2006-12-11 03:21:00

Ants and Cockroaches
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I am in one of the cleanest rooms I have ever slept in; I do not think it could be cleaner.

I do not think it is possible to avoid cockroaches and ants, I should work on accepting that I live with them, they are part of my life.

I turned on the light and a huge 1-2 inch cockroach goes running towards an undiscovered corner of the room. Then the ants, they are everywhere, they crawl into areas, they are the invaders. The Ants cause problems, the cockroaches give me a scare, as they are creepy, however not really harmful. Ants will crawl into my hair or onto my body and annoy me, and then sometimes a vicious variety will arrive that bites, leaving red welts.

I am sleeping in an exceptionally clean room.

Talking about ants and cockroaches is maybe the dirty laundry discussion of travel. We are supposed to, see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. To say or admit that we have cockroaches in the room is like saying,
- We are low classed people. -

Somehow, the upper class does not have the same problems, or problems… dysfunctional beliefs run rampant.

I am a hobo, the theme of my page is hobo, I do not believe it is wise to admit how nice some of the rooms are, and I am supposed to be sleeping in the gutter.

How to stop cockroaches, I do not think, I can, unless I would have to block every hole in my room, and never opened the door.

Hmm, I just realized, maybe the idea is not to stop them from entering, the idea is to repel them. There are sprays to kill, I need to read, and maybe says it works as a repellant.

(Boric Acid)

Ants, I think I can work on the idea of repelling; however than the problem is speed. I do think I can lay down a liquid barrier that would repel the ants, but first I have to kill the ones in the room. This starts to be a major cost, about five to ten dollars per room. I have never done this, I have never paid to exterminate the ants, I have purchased powder, but to spray and kill all of them in the room, nope.

Everything is about money and time, do I wish to invest one hour of time into killing ants, and than five to ten dollars US in cash, on a room I will leave tomorrow.

Ants do not like air conditioning, however when it is cold enough to repel them, it also makes me want to leave.

Ants and Cockroaches