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Andy Stay Pure

2006-12-24 19:11:00

Andy Stay Pure

I had a girl I met in Guatemala 8 years ago say to me one time to stay pure. I think about this comment, and try to understand what she means. I had another conversation last night with a person that reads my writing and said something about me not being part of a big company, therefore she trusted my opinion more.

I am musing on this, however, I think the gist of the statements is they do not want me too, or they do not think I am selling out to the big companies, whatver that means. I do not like this, as if there is only one choice to be made. To keep something pure, there has to be a constant introspection, and the daily choice.


I suppose a great day to stop and think, I am in Thailand and for sure it is not a white Christmas, there is little in this Buddhist country that makes me know today is Christmas

I get angry sometimes, last night I could have rented and watched the movie, UNITED 93
about the crash of the September 11 plane downed by the terrorist.
I said,
- No -
- I do not want to get angry. -
My friend said,
- Why would you get angry? -
I said,
- Nobody gets to F... with my country.-

I just do not know how I am relating this to Christmas, and a comment to stay pure, or how not to sell out to the big companies.

I guess, most people make too many compromiises, and Christ and all the good Gods say to be pure, be a good boy, do the right thing.

I hope or wish people could remember to do the right thing today. It is not hard to be honest, you must avoid temptations. The choice to be pure comes way before the actual chance to make some compromise.

Somewhere along the line, I have made the choice to respect myself.
- Nobody gets to F... with me being honest..-

Andy Stay Pure