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AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation

2006-12-07 21:50:00

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 8, 2006

When I leave the room, my camera lens fogs over in the warm air and ruins pictures.

Air Conditioning is causing me many problems and one problem is escalating to a decision-making process level.

I think in terms of systems, my whole life is reduced to a system, some process that determines my behavior. In Philosophical terms, it would be determinism.

It was just before sunset, I decided to go to the market, then to the internet café. I went outside, caught a three-wheel trike taxi to the public market of General Santos. The traffic was a mess as we approached the market, therefore I decide to walk, I happened up on this bike taxi in the middle of the street.

I stopped, pulled my camera out of the padded or insulated bag and snapped off a couple of photos. I was the middle of a mass of flesh, people everywhere, a few Hey Joes and comments being thrown. The sun was going to set soon, not the time I like to advertise…

- I have a camera, big, if you wait for the sun to set; you can follow me, sneak up behind, and grab it in the dark. -

I have a need for speed, I am constantly aware of my surroundings, I think I can blame it on basketball, I think of who and what is happening around me at all time, I see or feel the presence of people.

So, I wanted to snap a quick photo of this man on the bike, now, I am annoyed greatly that I have missed the photo. Taking photos is like an art, you start to get too serious, I try not too, however, I am human, I strive to improve.

A photo is words, expressed in photos. I can say more; explain better, by well-taken photos. The culture can be explained in abstract terms and a person can see, hopefully feel what I feel, or get that vicarious moment up close and personal.

This photos that is blurred, as a result of a cold camera. I was in a very air-conditioned room, my insulated, or what I think or thought was a great bag, kept the camera cold. The zipper, everything worked against a great photo. The bag did not breathe; it did not become warm, when I pulled the camera out of the bag. The glass lens was cold, the air was hot, moisture or a vapor instantly formed on the lens.

I have a need for speed; I take two quick photos of something I really wanted to capture. Failure!

Not my idea of how to do something, I like a good completion high.

This is the bag that is not working with me, it is working against me, in many ways, it is my friend, last night it was a bad boy, and I am putting it on waver and now actively looking for a better solution.

Why? Ok, hard for you to see, understand, or know, but a photo does represent words.

I am in a trike taxi; the road is blocked by not one but two large trucks, trying to back into small warehouse. I am on a back street, not the main street, so not a big deal; however, a long line of traffic is forming. I can see the market in the distance, so decided to walk. As I walk along a long line of cars, trikes, taxis, and whatnot, I also see this bike taxi.

I am interested in the round steering wheel; it is like a car steering wheel and sort of out of place on a bike, unique and funky. (I will probably take more photos and put in the next newsletter on pages.)
This photo represents many things of the Philippines culture, more correctly of the men of the Philippines mostly.

1. The cigarette hanging in the mans mouth, they do this as if it is some sense of pride.

2. This man is blocking the traffic, arrogance and total lack of caring for anything or anyone.

3. Bike taxi, not the bottom of the evolutionary chain of taxis, but is on the fringes. A pull rickshaw with runners is maybe the bottom, the human powered. A bike rickshaw or this type is somewhere on the bottom of taxis.

4. Macho and no Macho photo. The Filipino men can be both macho and extremely friendly. The group around this photos is all excited, that I am taking a photo, however the many on the bike is both oblivious and at the same time macho when I start to take the photo.

5. Lazy, the women of the Philippines will talk of the nature of men in the Philippines, there is a part of this culture that revels in being lazy. The men sort of like to do nothing and have the women work. A I am too good to do anything type mentality.

Now, I had to be macho, get up in his face, I am taking your photo, maybe you like it maybe you do not, I took the photo. There is a price to pay by me, I have to also be arrogant, I have to be assertive, knowing very well, many people do not like their photos taken. I have to take a small risk, not big, but it is possible he will get angry. I do not like confrontation, I am normal; however, I am risking a confrontation. I paid the price; I risked a confrontation to get in this man face, up close enough to capture the look, the cigarette, etc.

Now, if I had a more powerful lens, higher zoom powers, I could remove myself far enough way, zoom in and he may never see me, then I could take a graphic program and cut the photo out of the photo, too much work, but possible.

I did not capture the photo, because I walked out of a very cold air-conditioned room, with a bag that held in the cold, kept the camera lens cold. I was not thinking about photos, I was going to the market. A photo entered my realm, I tried.

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation