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Thailand Eye Glasses Teeth Cleaning

2006-11-09 20:38:00

Thailand Eye Glasses Teeth Cleaning
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 10, 2006

There are small traps being set for naïve tourist and travelers in Thailand, it is annoying, mainly because the mass stereotypes of tourist.

There is this idea, everything in Thailand is cheap, and you cannot go wrong. Well, the Thai people are clever, they see tourist come to Thailand for medical needs, and this market is exploiting the tourist

I am on Khao San Road; cheaper than the Sukumvit are by a long shot, about half the price for most purchases. However, there has sprung up in the last year many dentist offices, botox, face peeling and other funky ideas of how to do something to your body.

I laugh; marketing does not mean a good value.

I have been getting my teeth cleaned for years outside the USA; the cost is normally around 10-12 US dollars. Here in Thailand it is expensive, the lowest I have seen is 600 Baht or about 16 dollars, but the normal gouge price is about 1800 or about 45 dollars and the price or close to the price of the USA according to how smart you are in the USA.


There are these dentist offices located in great locations for the naïve purchaser. Then you have all these idiots recommending them. This is true with hospital and such. A person must say the price in dollars and compare to the USA or Europe.

Socialist Medicine of Europe or Canada causes a different problem then the USA. They cannot get into the office for years, sometimes to get simple services like teeth cleaning done free, so there is an I-NEED-IT-DONE situation that is not the same as the USA.

Free Medical is not as efficient as pay through the nose.

However, Thailand is not cheap, and to go to Koh Samui and go to a Private Hospital is bridging in stupid or just plane stupid.

If you are coming to Thailand to buy price, then buy price and value. My bet is on University Hospitals and careful with the private, advertising hospitals and do not do important stuff in Thailand, you only have one body.

The cost of eyeglass is too much on Khao San Road the cheapest I an get is 1500 Baht or 40 US dollars, plastic lenses and not the best styles, I am not sure I think Vietnam does them cheap.

Cheap is outside the tourist zone… There is a tourist bubble whereby anyone inside it, mainly the Thai people know, they can get the Farang to pay double the normal.

Fun to watch, I do not think the average Joe Blow knows what a good value is and is not capable of monitoring something like value.

A good Value for teeth cleaning in Thailand would be between 400 and 800 Baht, but inspect the equipment and look at the person cleaning your teeth.

I think a person should be able to get eyeglasses outside the USA for about 15 to 30 USA.

However, the eyeglass thing is probably better to buy in the USA. I am not in the USA and I have the time here…

Thailand Eye Glasses Teeth Cleaning