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Rice Lakes

2006-11-21 19:55:00

Rice Lakes
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia

- Rice is the primary food for half the people in the world. -
United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

The amount of land that is used to grow rice in unnatural man-made lakes is to me staggering.

Rice Lake or endless rice paddies saw on the train ride between Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. I have seen the same in India, Thailand, and Philippines.


If you dig down below your feet, there is a depth where you will hit water. It is called the water table. The ground under your feet is saturated with water. It is a big sponge holding the earth’s water. Rocks and mountains, impermeable clays and such are natural barriers between this sponge or saturated ground.


This is the underground lake.

When a person pumps water out of the underground lake it needs to return to this lake.

It is logical and understandable that the water that is used to create a rice lake does not 100 percent sure return to the Aquifer or underground lake.

This disruption of water could or it is possible to disrupt the balance of nature. The cutting of trees does almost the same thing, and changes the percentage of surface areas.


Changing how the surface of the planet is used is about balance, too much concrete; too much land used for rice lakes, too many trees cut is changing the balance of nature. It may eventually force mass groups of people to immigrate to areas where there is more water, or where the rice lake has somehow displaced the water.

The water is not disappearing it is moving or being relocated on the planet. Hydrogen fueled cars, if they use water, could in a way do the same thing, the percentage of water on the earth is a number, and this number maybe should not change dramatically.

Rice Lakes