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Philippines on the Travel Path

2006-11-16 06:02:00

Philippines on the Travel Path
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cebu Pacific starts to fly between Manila and Bangkok on December 14, 2006.

I just watched some anal man talking how Vietnam spends about a million dollars on marketing of tourist and Thailand spends many times more millions than Vietnam.

He said this was the reason why Thailand did better, how stupid, it is necessary Thailand spend more, they have many times more tourist.

The reason does not have as many tourists is because the paths of Vietnam are difficult, Bangkok, Thailand is the hub of ingress and egress of Southeast Asia, it the best place to enter this sector of the world. Bangkok has somehow made airline travel cheap into Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s government, airlines, says, do not come.

I have to get a Visa or pay money to enter Vietnam; the Visa I think is 30 dollars. Thailand is Free, and easy.

It is about removing the resistance to entry and being on the travel path, becoming to a tourist, well, we can just stop in Vietnam on the way to here.

The Philippines as best I can tell is not part of any around the world plane ticket, this mean the very well path between England and Australia passes the Philippines and Vietnam, and there is a dramatic less tourist traffic.

Cebu Pacific, a much better airline or easier to use than Philippines Airlines, a LCC Low Cost Carrier, an airline where I can just click and buy a ticket will start to fly between Manila and Bangkok on December 14, 2006.

This means, the Philippines could become part of the tourist path from England to Australia. Singapore is on this path, and as best I can see, there is almost nothing to see in Singapore, but pretty big building and some clean Chinese people and not dirty Chinese people. Nevertheless, they are right in the middle of the path.

If the prices are around or less than one hundred dollars US, this will be a windfall for the Philippines as the threshold resistance to travel to the Philippines will be reduced.

Cebu Pacific Air

Tourist go where it is easy to go first, I am going to Africa, why, because I have been to most of the easy places.

Philippines on the Travel Path