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My Africa Feet Hurt

2006-11-01 15:10:00

My Africa Feet Hurt
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My feet hurt, I am not sure, and the Palu or Malaria has done something to my feet. It feels like I have frostbitten them very bad and the circulation has been damaged. They tingle all the time, and I am constantly feeling like I am walking on needles. It hurts, it obsesses in my mind and I am not able to lie still in the bed. The bed is my normal furniture, I do not have couches, and things like that, and I live on a bed.

It is frustrating and surrealistic in many ways; I am in a sensory overload situation the last few weeks, as if everything is throwing pointed things at me.

I am hoping to walk this off, I have not done my normal amount of accidental trekking as I would normal do, and I have been stuck in bed, afraid to wonder around. I am not ok, I am starting to take my morning, go-look-at-people walks, I like to grab bread, munch, walk and see what is happening in the morning as the world awakes around 7:00 AM, this is when the industrious person walk about. Moreover, the drunk are off in bed, trying to avoid the day…

Walking make the blood pump, I will walk more and lie around less, I am normally a big walker, that is why I say accidental trekking, it is common for me to walk for two hours around a city, just window shopping.

My Africa Feet Hurt