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Manila Typhoon Brownouts

2006-11-30 19:43:00

Manila Typhoon Brownouts
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

Morning in the Philippines and the biggest Typhoon maybe related problem is electrical brownouts.

I think it is an electrical outage, not really a dimming, not a brownout.

However, there is not electricity; I am in a very large 24-hour internet Korean managed internet café in the Malate area of Manila.

There are crickets or locust in the room, the squeal of the electrical backup systems make me feel like I am in a tent, the room has zero windows so only the small exits signs and my laptop computer screen provide lights. Fortunately, up to this point, the electricity has only stopped for short times, 5 minutes, I somewhat expect that one of these times it will stop and stay off for hours.

I have this squeeze powered flashlight in my computer bag, this is where I store it, I chose good on that one… hehehe, The electrify just came back on, maybe it is a brown out, and a dimming of an area because of over-use.

Manila Typhoon Brownouts