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Learning to Travel

2006-11-16 06:01:00

Learning to Travel
Bangkok Thailand Khao San Road
Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Learning how to live ones life takes a lifetime to learn, however I do believe at the end of my days, I will know the answers.

There is no perfection and life is a journey, I will be lucky if I convince one person in my life that I love them. Gee, I will be lucky if I convince myself that I like me…

Humility I have been taught it to be teachable.

I learned two things in my room last night, and I have stayed in this hotel in Bangkok and maybe the same room about 20 separate trips. A person would think or could be presumptuous and think,
- I know everything about this hotel. -

My room is a concrete box; it is on the lowest floor of an even bigger concrete box. This is good; in a tropical country if the building was big; enough I would become the same a caf้ and keep the temperature around 50 some degrees Fahrenheit.

However, there is no breeze in my room and the air does not become rejuvenated or recycled from outside the room.

I have a window, but if I close the curtain, then there is no air, if I open the curtain then anyone can walk by and look in the room.

I want to open the curtain… but I do not want people to see in.

I realized last night, when the lights are off, I can open the curtain and nobody can see in.

What I learned about this room is room specific, it means nothing to anyone but me.

Nevertheless, this is my point to myself about learning to travel, the journey never stops, I continue to learn, and there is never a day when I do not learn a new trick.

I like school, however, I know many people say how they hate school, it would be quite enjoyable for me to go to University for the rest of my life, and it would be a great life.

I am in a University of real life, every day I am learning how to travel, there will be no graduation.

Learning to Travel