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Jaksa Jakarta Hotel

2006-11-26 03:20:00

Jaksa Jakarta Hotel
Jaksa Street Jakarta Indonesia

It is hot and the air in my room just is not fresh. I am now leaving the door open to try to get the room air to circulate. I am not feeling the best; I think the Imodium medicine for diarrhea is making me sensitive to things.

I do not normally pay attention to smokers, impossible to avoid them, as I believe the majority of travelers smoke cigarettes. However, it finally hit me why I am feeling exceptionally bad, there are too many smokers in this hotel and the location of my room is the worst.

I can see many smokers, I decided to go check, what is percentage? The HDI Human Development Index says that 69 percent of Indonesia men smoke. Wow, that is the highest on the planet, no wonder the smoke was getting to me. Thailand is at 39 percent and the Philippines is at 51 percent. I now have the 2005 PDF version of the HDI, and I am working from a more recent report by the United Nations.

I have been thinking a lot about barefoot workers. There are a very high percentage of people working barefoot inside the cities. I have see this very little of this on the planet, what they use normally is the cheapest of the cheap thongs or sandals. Nevertheless, it does protect the bottom of their feet. I feel or believe this is a horrible indication of some extreme poverty.

Poverty is normal, extreme poverty is difficult to escape, as the shoes disappear, the clothes become ragged, the world starts to put them in a special we do not deal with you category. Barefoot working is better than barefoot bums are, but still it is normally a temporary construction work situation, not a job of permanence.

26 percent of males in the USA smoke according to the report.

Jaksa Jakarta Hotel