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Jakarta Indonesia Gambir Train

2006-11-19 19:36:00

Jakarta Indonesia Gambir Train
Jakarta Indonesia
Sunday, November 19, 2006

I arrived at the Gambir Bus Station, was happy to see a clock on the outside of the entrance to station, it said 6:20 and I thought, making good time. The train left for Bandung at 6:20 and I now have to wait for the 8:25 train.

The cost of the public bus to the Gambir Train Station was 15,000 and the cost of the Train to Bandung is 45,000 for second class something.

Jakarta seems like Singapore with more clutter, the streets are all well marked; they have them trees and bushes in the median. The landscaping seems about two notches above Bangkok, however probably so far the buildings of Bangkok are more King like and Jakarta is more of a city.

I can say, the Jakarta Airport was painless, except for the 25 US I need to pay to get the Visa on Arrival.

She said,
- 25 US dollars. -
I said,
- Can I pay with Thai Baht? -
The lady says,
- No, -
I say,
- Does the whole world need US Dollars? -
She says,
- Yes. -

Strange how I always need to keep some dollars in my wallet or billfold and ready for strange needs, when a country wants Dollars.

The Airport was nice, easy, and the public buses come right to the entrance of the airport, one with a big sign on it saying,
- Gambir, -

The were all waiting just as I left the doors of the airport, it was too easy, I was really expecting a real problem of a airport, on hindsight though, it reminds me of the Bali Airport, just with no tourist. Bali is for sure a make-the-tourist-happy airport, this is nice, just make the people happy airport.

The Garuda was nice, slept in a back seat for the whole trip, met some Journalist girl from the country of Bhutan, spoke perfect English, and knew about any word I could say. I have not seen any tourist, a few businessmen; nobody was lined up to enter Jakarta at about 5:45 in the morning to be a tourist.

Indonesia is big; I think I will like this area of Indonesia much more than the Bali Indonesia Tourist Pay Bubble.

Only things to know now are…

1. Figure out how much I paid for the shuttle bus?

I got money out of the ATM in the airport, I do not know the exchange rate, and I think about 9.500 to the dollar or less. I am not sure, so I do no know what I am paying for my donut and coffee. Not a good feeling here in the Gambir Train Station of Jarkarta. Two hours to wait and all is good, proper speed of life is happening

2. Find a toilet, this is can be a monumental problem in some places, and then there is the approach / avoidance syndrome of going to the toilet, do I or not, this is a train station in Southeast Asia…

Ok, squat or western.

I am ready to leave, will try to learn the train station. Indonesia on the Jakarta side of life is very organized, and the police have been checking my ticket and pointing where to go. Very polite, I am enjoying the first day in Jakarta - Bandung Indonesia. I am feeling optimistic.

Jakarta Indonesia Gambir Train

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