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Indonesia Salary

2006-11-19 19:39:00

Indonesia Salary
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia
Monday, November 20, 2006

I need help finding these backpack parts to buy, I have learned from past experience it is easier, faster and cheaper to hire a person to find parts. I normally hire a taxi driver, and say something like.
- I will give you five dollars if you find a backpack factory.-

I need to know.
1. What is fair amount of money to pay?
2. How to say what I want in the local language.

I am very lucky here in Bandung as I am surrounded in this Hotel with men from Indonesia that speak good English. Last night I had a conversation about the monthly salary of Indonesia people.

It seems like a person working in a Hotel as receptionist and all other aspects would get about 400,000 plus room, probably board. A person working in an elevated capacity would get up to 1,000,000 Rupiah or whatever the money is here in Indonesia.


400,000 = 44 US Dollars per month or around 1-2 dollars per day.
1,000,000 = 111 or about 4-5 Dollars per day.

I would say to offer anyone around 3-5 dollars or about 30,000 to 50,000 to per incident would be an extremely good payment. It cost me money to live here, to come here, and to dwell on this issue, to not accomplish anything is to lose about 350 US dollars in Airfare and Hotel, etc cost. I guess if I stay 10 days it cost me about 35 Dollars per day to be here, or if I do not accomplish something in a day, I lose about 35 Dollars. Big money, heheheā€¦

OK, so this is not big money is some ways, but in the real world, 80 percent of the planet, the underdeveloped planet, 35 US dollars is big money and cannot be taken lightly.

I am not sure what to do exactly, I can offer to pay the one boy or man about 50,000 per day to work, or I can try to pay him per place he finds, and have a built in translator.

The problem with having a local help is they often try to work ahead and make money on the vendor also by way of extra cheat me on the price money. This is all about import - export and difficult to figure out.

I do not know, I think maybe I get the one guy to work, he has a wife and one and half year old son with him, maybe would be good to work for a few days, then give a bonus for finding places.

I have to define the place I want to find specifically, this is the problem; I want to find places that are distributors for backpack parts, the clips, the buckles, the zippers, the pulls, mostly any padlock slider zippers. It appears that YKK is big here, a manufacturer from Japan I think.

Indonesia Salary

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