Indonesia Plans

Indonesia Plans
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

It is possible; I go to Jakarta, Indonesia and then take a train or bus to Bandang

Bandung, Indonesia is a possible location for me to make my dream backpacks, in mass. I want to make a run of 50 to 100, hard to say, the cost is the factor, plus quality control.

I need hard to find zipper pulls and some specific materials, and then there is the language problem, trying to explain or make a perfect bag. I am want to do this in Nepal, however, I am not sure, the availability of some parts is missing, I need to find a pull, somewhere they make it… but where?

I want this pull; I saw it on a Canadian man at the border of Egypt and Israel as we rode on the bus. I think he purchase his bag in Vancouver, at that Coop store that is famous, in Canada for gear. However, I have never seen it again; I want to know where on the planet they are manufacturing this zipper. I get on and show the thing, China just wants to make the thing; I just want to buy off the shelf.

My friend Gary says, I am chasing Windmills, with this backpack project, however, I have a home in my hand, it is a backpack, and it traveling the planet with me. I will find the perfect bag.

I would probably fly with
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Indonesia Plans

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