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Indonesia Pigeons

2006-11-23 21:34:00

Indonesia Pigeons
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia

Outside the Moritz Home Stay or Hotel, there are boys that throw pigeons into the air. I have seen them thrown into the sky twice and see many cages full of pigeons. I want to take a photo, however I have not been carrying my camera much because it just photos of city and a city is a city.

I often consider writing one of the books you put in the doctors office and read while waiting to pay money. It seems like an easy way to make money and the books are easy to write. What I have is about 2500 Blog post; I take the best stories, wrap them up, polish them, make them consistent and put in a 225-page print on demand book.

However, the clincher is this, just like the pigeons; there are all these questions to every story. Why, when, what, who, where, etc, how does one collect all the answers to all the small questions that would complete the stories. I try very hard to blog passively, and say, I do not collaborate, this is just opinions, and these are my ideas. Nevertheless, the moment you type something, everyone wants it be fact, or they want to believe it is fact.

Actually, the writers know you can never check them, therefore they make a falsehood a fact and nobody knows they lied. Not my way, this makes is very difficult to fill in the gaps of a story. If you want to fill in with truth, then difficult. I know I leave so many unanswered questions, on my site or blog, like why are they throwing pigeons in Bandung, Indonesia?

However, this is the nature of life and travel, many questions, a big question mark, whereby the answers are both real and illusion.

Indonesia Pigeons