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Indonesia Morning Prayer

2006-11-26 03:21:00

Indonesia Morning Prayer
Jaksa Street Jakarta Indonesia
Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have loudspeakers systems coming in from two directions here in the Djody Hotel on Jaksa Street. I am leaving in a 30 minutes for the airport if everything goes correct.

A third one just started, there are not three loudspeaker systems blaring Morning Prayer, I did not need my alarm clock. My plane leaves at 7:25 to Singapore from Jakarta.

It is difficult for me to understand religions. I used to watch this Nazarene Christian Protestant preacher in the USA turn red sreaming his sermon. As a boy, I thought, this is over the edge, this man is angry, not loving. He was trying to either guilt me or rams his sermon down my throat.

There are things of man, and there are things of God. I try to always remember this so I can leave space and hope for the good Gods.

My friend Bruce an attorney in Fort Wayne always is discussing manners, and Winston Churchill and the idea of higher values. He says sometimes, that anything is excusable except bad manners. Then goes on to say to make a person feel uncomfortable is bad manners.

Indonesia Morning Prayer