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I am from the USA

2006-11-09 20:37:00

I am from the USA
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 9, 2006

I am from the USA, the United States of America. I have moments when this mean more to me, than a person can imagine. When you leave someone, you learn why you love them, when you do not live under the protection of your mother; you know why you love your mother. If I think of my father or mother dying, I see I would be less safe. I need my father and my mother; however, I know one day this will end.

The USA is my motherland, it is what made me what I am, and I feel sad when there are arguments.

The USA election almost is not an issue in my world, I have to work to know what is going on, and I am really living outside the USA.

However, I feel it, I also know from listening to the world, listening to the voice around me, how much the rest of the world depends on the USA. They are angry, frustrated, wanting something, asking the USA to do this, and asking them to stop this. Everyone in the world wants something of the USA, and every other country can complain, like he or she are not involved and the final responsibility lies in the hands of the USA.

I am a United States of America citizen; I do see that I am responsible for what my country does.

I have never said, “I am not responsible for what my country does."
I know, “I am responsible."

Easy to say stupid and childish comments, blame someone else, but in the end, someone has to be responsible. The election is petty, not much will change, their will be no big disasters, no big changes. It will be the USA, and life will go on, the USA will survive, nobody in the USA questions this.

I am in countries who say, “Will we continue to be a country?"

The USA and the world, knows, the USA will continue, like a child, we must have our mother and father until we are capable of being responsible for ourselves, then we become an adult and help take care of our mother and father.

I feel responsible for care of the USA, this seems small, but John F. Kennedy said it, It is not what my country can do for you, it is what you can do for your country.

I suppose simple, I need to be responsible for my country.

Kennedy was a democrat, a Catholic, a something, but he did put in a bridge in Niger in an essential place in Niamey.

A person, Democrat or Republican can make a difference; the rest is just petty noises.

I am from the USA.

Leave, you will eventually remember...

I am from the USA