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Hotel Maintenance Person

2006-11-07 23:21:00

Hotel Maintenance Person
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I live in hotels; my home is a hotel room. Therefore, I sometimes pay more attention to the hotel than a normal tourist who is preoccupied with looking at tourist attractions.

Presently I am in the Sawasdee Smile in the Khao San Road area; I like the hotel because it is cheap, quiet, and has a way for me to put my own padlock on the door. Moreover, because of the difficult to find location they usually have a room. I have been using their 10 Baht per day storage for long-term storage.

Well, there is this set of two shared toilets. The drains are plugged, and when you plunge one side up come the water in the adjoining shower or toilet. Well, today I found two plungers, and was pushing the water or plunging both at the same time; this causes pressure on the actual plug and opens the drain.

This is my “Travelers Nest,” it is my home; I want the showers drains to work. However, I am positive, positive that hotels focus too much on cleaning people and reception people, and should have a constant search for good maintenance people.

This is not easy, I know, I can fix anything but a broken heart, and I know that good maintenance people are incredibly difficult to find. I fixed the drains; however, I have a natural ability to see the solutions to mechanical problems. How do you find a natural? You really do have to turn over many stones.

We have this online application system for workers, a way to give a job to someone in Bangladesh. We get maybe 5 to 10 applications per day and it is complicated and confusing to separate the good applications from the bad, the somehow give a test, then to have a trial period. I then suspect only one in ten will be able to fit into my system. We presently have two employees, and they are great.

To find a person that cares, someone who wants to do a good job is becoming rare; it appears that putting in their time is the new method of work, not trying to do your best.

Nevertheless, still it is probabilities; try a lot of people, eventually you will find a great maintenance man and Andy the will not have to plunge the drains properly in the Sawasdee Smile behind the Wat on Khao San Road.

I suspect I will spend my life doing maintenance; I have never been in a hotel where there was a great maintenance crew. Something is always broken in the room.

Hotel Maintenance Person