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GPRS Indonesia

2006-11-21 19:53:00

GPRS Indonesia
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia

One USA Dollar per page viewed.
Maybe 50-100 dollars per hour.

I went to the Telcomsel office here in Bandung and asked about GPRS Cell Phone Internet Access yesterday. Telcomsel and Indosat, probably both spelled wrong are I believe the only two cell or mobile telephone companies in Indonesia big enough to allow a person to really roam around the country.

I received a text message on my AIS Thailand SIM card that said something to effect of GPRS Roaming was possible with my Thailand SIM Card.

This is all crap… in a way, roaming is financial suicide, maybe the best way in the world to throw money in the air.

Well, the bottom line is this, a person can access the internet in Indonesia with the Telcomsel prepaid card system. However the cost will be about one dollar US per page viewed.

We receive two prices. 12 Rupiah per KILOBYTE, not meg or in the actual large center the man said, 30 Rupee per Kilobyte.

Hard to say the cost of using the service, it is probably about the same price though as Satellite Access. I do not know Indonesia well enough, but this is cheaper than Satellite because you do not have to buy the equipment, however I double the cell phone coverage is good enough to go to real primitive area.

I am collecting all this information on this page:

Hobo Mobile Office

GPRS Indonesia

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