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Diarrhea and a Phillips Screwdriver

2006-11-26 03:18:00

Diarrhea and a Phillips Screwdriver
Jakarta Indonesia Southeast Asia
Saturday, November 25, 2006

I started having Diarrhea in Bandung, thought it was some odd combination of foods. However, after about five days, I think it is type one and not type two Diarrheas.
Type II Diarrhea

I decide, time for some medicine, not sure if it kills as much as it stops, I am getting on a plane tomorrow, I need full stop.

So here I am trying to alter my food intake, find some cheese, it is supposed to constipate you, however I cannot find any. Thinking to myself, does eating ice cream help, it is a milk product.

I finally think, bread, however, I am a protein starve meat eater, and needed something, so opted for the peanut butter to make the bread taste better.

I return to my room, thinking I will get into my mess kit, get a knife, and make me a big peanut butter sandwich, complete with whole wheat bread. However, I forgot, I am on the lean, mean packing system, nothing but what is absolutely needed. So, I find a Phillips Screwdriver I use it to fix my computer, however now I use it as a knife, I hope this helps relieve my diarrhea, and who can tell what bacteria lurks on a screwdriver.

I had trouble with the world Phillips, spelled it first Philip and I think it is the name Philip, this is Jaksa street in Jakarta, Indonesia, I bet there is a Philip Screwdriver.

There is this I wish I could photograph them groups of lady boys down the way at night. They stand and act as if they are going to grab you and pull you into this building. Very humorous to watch, like girls with big thighs, wide heads and ready to rope someone. Jaksa Street I am very surprised is mostly men tourist, maybe I am not on the backpacker street, I do not have a guidebook. However, this is more or less a red light district at night.

It is all part of the game, life goes on, however running the airplane toilet every 15 minutes sounds like a plane crash to me. I fly from Jakarta to Singapore tomorrow with Adam Air, for about 68 US Dollars.

Diarrhea and a Phillips Screwdriver