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Clarity is Serenity

2006-11-12 22:50:00

Clarity is Serenity
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia

My SIM card has Baht on it, I know when I can visit the USA, my backpack project has a future, and I do not feel sick.

Maybe it is them B-Complex Vitamins, whatever the case, today is good.

Life is Good!

The plot of my next couple months is becoming clear. I was commenting to a friend, life would be easy if I returned every two months to the USA. Whereby, I could make phone calls, talk in English, go to large University Libraries, find maps on any country of the world. The information is so easy in the USA, and so terrible where I always am.

I normally, just buy the plane ticket and wing it.

I have all the fun, extremely convoluted, complex project going on, and this keeps my over active brain happy.

I have this one that some people who like to read blogs, travelogues, travelblogs, travellogues, or travel diaries and other way of saying the story of a person traveling.

Go to this link.
Find the country...

Hopefully we can clean this up and come up with all the travelogues...

Fun and games in my Airplane Ticket Base,
Bangkok Thailand.

I know my path, I am clear in my brain, less confusion so more serene.

Clarity is Serenity