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Cell Phone Internet Access

2006-11-04 02:27:00

Cell Phone Internet Access

I have a cell phone connection to the internet here in Thailand. It make a wifi system seem antiquated. Although the speed of wifi is extreme, the priority question is this.

Do you want accesss to internet anywhere, then the GPRS cell phone access is best.

If you want speed in a very small area, then wifi is good. But the power of most wifi spots is too weak. To be workable, they need to be about 50 times more powerful and create at least a 10 time bigger footprint. Presently I see wifi in Hotels as an annoying non-functional toy.

Give me an an ethernet wire.

However, when GPRS is available at about 10 cents per hour of access, give me cell phone access. It is the only mobile system I know.

Satellite is a problem, buildings cause problems. Cell phone coverage is much better than the problem of getting line of site access to a satellite.

Cell Phone Internet Access