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Camera Problems

2006-11-20 19:46:00

Camera Problems
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I was downloading from my Sony Camera photo, when I think the battery died in the middle of the download to the computer. I changed the batteries and it would not power up or start. I still am not able to get it to start, I am frustrated.

I am now going through the steps to discover if I have good batteries, strange as I have four sets of two AA batteries, but all seem to be dead. I have a system whereby the spent batteries go into one compartment and the good batteries go into another. The four batteries that should have been good or two set ready for my camera, did not work.

I took them out and tried them in the GPS and they did not work there either, very strange, however possible that all are dead. I have not used the camera much since I had Malaria or Food Poisoning, I really do not know what I had, but I was rather delusional for couple of weeks that is for sure, and I did not obey my own rules well.

The longer a battery sits, it can just go dead, however this is weird and unlike me to have completely dead batteries. I have to be very systematic with batteries, as having no batteries can stop me from doing what I do, but this is very unusual that I would not have no batteries charged and ready to go.

I am now charging one set of batteries and have three sets ready, my camera used two AA batteries, so I have four sets of batteries to use. The GPS uses two and this means I really have only three if I am using the GPS.

When I was in Panthip the Computer Mall in Bangkok, I priced some new rechargeable batteries; I think they were around 250 Thailand Baht for 2 or about seven US dollars. I am going to increase the level of batteries I carry, up to I think about 8 sets or 16 batteries. It become hard to keep two of them together as sets, I have taken colored electrical tape and put around the batteries, then used a permanent marker to label 1 or 2 or 3 and can keep two batteries together. I can than know which to batteries were used together.

This is nerve-wracking as I now have a camera that does not work, that does not mean it does not work for sure, it just means, it will not start. I have to wait four hours to charge my batteries, than I can test, not a fun wait.

Maybe the Sony Gods saw me looking at their new SLR or Single Lens Reflex camera; I think this is correct terms. I was looking and thinking, I would like to have that camera, the Sony Gods maybe made this one stop working to force me to buy a new one.

The bottom line is digital cameras are coming out with lens that can magnify and perform the same as the older type film cameras. They have had professional types, but now the SLR are coming to the normal person level.

I see many what I would say is up to professional grade digital cameras and I know the person is not a photographer. However, there is some mystic about being a photographer, so they hang them around their necks and I can inspect as I stand around close to them.

I personally would do anything to have a camera I could carry that was so small, nobody would know it was a camera. I hate carrying my camera; it is like a iron weight around my neck and annoying. No freedom to just walk and live, I do however keep my camera in what does not look like a camera case, except when I am using the camera. It is not shaped like a camera, and this is great. I do not wish to tell the camera thieves,
- Hey, in here is a camera, please steal it. -

The batteries failed in the middle of downloading, I am not sure how the electronic switch on my camera likes this, these electronic type switches can be mixed up, my computer switch sure does not work perfect. I do not trust electronic type switches.

The camera works, yippee.

I had 8 discharged batteries, this normally only happens when I am away from electricity for a couple of days and am taking my photos. But I am grateful, the camera works, I will however look in Panthip for a backup camera, some small cheap thing that I can carry, I really do need this.

Camera Problems

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