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BBC Inquiry

2006-11-30 19:42:00

BBC Inquiry
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

I am watching BBC or the English TV 24 hour per day news show, same as CNN, they just ended a segment on United Nations in Haiti. They say the words inquiry, like they are the government of the world.

I guess, I have problem with the word - NEWS -

1. recent information
2. current events
3. Program

Now, as the lady says the words,
- BBC Inquiry -
I know and feel, the News Media has indeed become the,
- Fourth Estate -

Quote from Michael Kinsley - (Encarta Encyclopedia)

- The press in America is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Estate. This term dates back to 18th-century Britain. It was meant to suggest that the press was a force in society and government equal to the three recognized “estates” of the time—the nobility, the clergy, and the commoners. Today the term still signifies that the press plays a special role in our system of government. - (2)

This is more of a French thing, and roots of where the term, - Third World - was derived.

The news is the oversight of the government; however, I am now sure there is need for oversight of the press.

It has become impossible to separate innuendo from the truth, I am a currents events traveler because I do wish to learn the truth, and I trust the governments of the world more than I trust the press.

The BBC was reporting that UN Soldiers were going to strip bars and buying girls…
- Duh… -
Be real, you are kidding me, soldiers doing this…

I guess the UN peacekeepers are not big advertising dollars, like the other - save-the-world- UN funds. So they are on the attack, howver, the real problem, is overlooked, their big advertisers, the NGO. They do not seem to find the mass corruption in NGO - ONG of the world.

BBC Inquiry