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Bangkok to Jakarta Flight

2006-11-18 01:32:00

Bangkok to Jakarta Flight
I fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Jakarta, Indonesia with Garuda Airlines for about 7400 Baht, not the cheapest path to Jakarta, but maybe the safest. I am going to enter a city from 20-25 Million people, and this can be difficult.

I will instantly catch a train to Bandung, Indonesia.
I am going there to learn about Backpacks or to try to buy parts for Backpacks, if for some reason they make it easy to manufacture my design there, then I will return. However, if not, maybe I buy parts and take to Nepal to finish up and make a run of Backpacks.
Whatever the case, I have had in the last day an inspirational idea on how to make my Backpacks expandable easy.
So nothing to do now, but find the parts and make a great Backpack.
It is personal for me, this is my home... hehehe
Life is Good
Andy in Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok to Jakarta Flight


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