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Bandung to Jakarta Train

2006-11-23 21:32:00

Bandung to Jakarta Train
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia

Today I will travel from Bandung, Indonesia to Jakarta, Indonesia, I believe I am going from a city of 3 million people, to a 8-10 million person city, however some say it is around it 25 million. I am traveling with an Indonesia man by the name of Rudy who I am paying about 25 dollars US to help me find a gear equipment parts market and a couple of zippers factories.

My goal here in Indonesia is to find backpacks parts, and I am hedging my bets as much as possible. Indonesia I believe has more things to buy, than almost any country in Southeast Asia, it seems as though they allow any type of imports to come into the country and are not terrible restrictive. The variety of products I sold are numerous, it does seem like the best country where I can buy anything for backpacks in Southeast Asia. In a way, what I need is a good connection with China or Taiwan, etc, then a language I can deal with, however bad here, the letter are still in roman, and I can read and write in their language, even if I cannot understand. The alphabet is the same as English.

I feel this trip to Indonesia is a great success, I am not feeling as though there is nothing stopping me from making backpacks in Nepal. Indonesia so far, does not seem like the best place to manufacture backpacks, however a great place to buy parts.

Bandung to Jakarta Train