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78.7 Kilo Hobo in Bangkok

2006-11-15 19:09:00

78.7 Kilo Hobo in Bangkok

I weighed in this morning at 173.50 Pounds, this is 8 pounds more than my weight when I graduated from High School. Giving for middle age spread, shrinking of muscle size and many other variables.....
- I need to exercise.. - Hehehe

But, generally I am at fighting weight for my age.

I was excited, I lost a lot of weight in Africa and I am almost never close to a scales. The Sawasdee Smile Hotel has a scales and I hope it is correct.

A scales is good for a Hotel to have, it helps tourist to know if the baggage and all the junk they bought will be ok for the plane.

LCC Low Cost Carriers are about 15 kilos
Normal are about 20 kilos
And flights on REGULAR airlines to the USA I found are 60 Kilos.

One Kilo is about 2 pounds, so double, but I think the actual number if one kilo equals 2.2 pounds so round up a margin.

Laundry scales are 75 percent wrong...

Life is Better!
Andy in Bangkok Thailand

78.7 Kilo Hobo in Bangkok