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2006 Nov 1 Enter Bangkok Thailand

2006-11-01 15:13:00

2006 Nov 1 Enter Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok Thailand East Asia
Thursday, November 2, 2006

I have entered the country and city of Bangkok, Thailand. I entered yesterday about 7:00 PM and was checked in, registered and lying on my bed in my five-dollar per night hotel with TV, HBO BBC, fan and a shared toilet. Life is good.

I have all my clothes packed up in a shirt I am using as a laundry bag and ready to take to the Sawasdee Laundry Service. For about three US Dollars, or 120 Baht, I can have all my clothes washed by machine and dried by machine. It is the first time in three months that I have not washed my clothes by hand. I am excited to have clothes, which are thoroughly clean, and shrunk to a hot air dryer fit. My clothes get a grunge about them, and no matter what I do, a machine does a better job, and the machine dryer makes them re-compact themselves to a better fit.

The cost to do this much laundry in West Africa would be about 25 US dollars, or maybe more, and it would be done by hand and clothes dried, normally.

Bangkok, Thailand is my home plane ticket base, the place where I re-stock on anything I need, China is up the continent, the world sells anything and everything at what would be wholesale prices in the USA. I can quickly, efficiently and cost effective purchase everything I need to travel. I do not know of anything, except gym shoes and underwear that I cannot buy in Bangkok. The underwear, Reeboks, and I normally buy computers in the USA because the warranty is clearer. However, everything else I need is on the rack, for sale, at what would be USA prices.

I also can buy plane tickets to anywhere, one-way at about half the price of anywhere on the planet. Thailand is wholesale priced, and for sure, life has a good money value.

I have an extra large backpack in long-term storage in one of the Sawasdee Inns, and can for about 25 Cents per day store anything safely for about one year, or more.

If Thailand spoke better English it would be paradise for the person who just wants a cheap place to live. I also can purchase any book on the planet used, all my needs are fulfilled in Thailand. No religion problem, no problem, when I hear the words,
- No problem, -

I worry, I know there is a problem, however I truly believe there is almost no problem in Thailand, I will eat a whole chicken, cooked and ready for less than 1.50 USA, I think about one dollar. Fresh orange juice for 25 cents and internet for 50 cents per hour. What a great wholesale value of life.

2006 Nov 1 Enter Bangkok Thailand