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Zinder to Niamey Niger

2006-10-30 03:17:00

Zinder to Niamey Niger
Zinder Niger West Africa
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

12,600 CFA from Zinder to Niamey about 12-14 hours.

I purchased a bus ticket with Air Transport, the man was so annoying I started to go to another station, and then I thought,
- This is Niger, incredibly lazy; I am not going to find a motorcycle taxi at 4:30 in the morning easy.-

I can walk from the Hotel Central to the Air Transport, the closes hotel and probably better is Auberge Mourna for 10,000 CFA and you probably could get them down to 6500 if you stayed a few days. They started out at 24,000 CFA, said their last price was 16,000 and suddenly after I leave the gate, they have one for ten. This hotel is perfectly close to the Air Transport Bus station, not that any tourist come to Zinder… hehehe without a car.

Auberge Mourna is learning they made a lot of money off NGO-ONG last year and now have no business, so everyone is slowing seeing that the get rich year of 2005 is gone. I suppose they can promote something bad and try again.

I am very glad to leave Zinder, and hope I never return, just cannot imagine a reason to return to Zinder in this life, or to Niger in this lifetime, I can do what I wish to do without making my life miserable. Niger was a different feel for me this year, no curiosity, tired of the begging, tired of the apathetic country, nothing to do, every move is hot and difficult, indeed one the worst places on the planet to leave.

I am happy to leave, I bit the bullet, took, the long and hot bus of 12-14 hours, I want to pay the price, get to Ghana or anywhere and enjoy my travels in Africa I have learned to love, however, not in Niger.

Zinder to Niamey Niger