Zinder Niger Day

Zinder Niger Day
Zinder Niger West Africa
Saturday, October 7, 2006

I am not sure what to do in Zinder; it is hot and dusty feeling, a place where you wait for the cool of evening before you move. I am back form talking with my new friend Josef as the Eden Foundation and all the stores were closed. I could not buy the Banana Frozen Milk they sell for 125 Franc here. I also want to buy some canned vegetables to cook in the room as they have a good selection.

Africa is interesting, the food for the most part sucks, and I mean I cannot even pay a lot to be happy, unusual on the planet. I really want to cook food here to be happy, a great place to have a kitchen in the hotel whereby I could cook anything I want and not what they wish to serve. I have not found any foods of great desire, unless you call a benet great food. I did eat a type of benet with hot sauce in Kandi that needs to be canned and sent to my house. Reminded me of sauce I got in India one time in Hampi.

Sauces are what I like to eat on the planet, nothing else really excites, but a good new sauce is great.

I had a long day, I am tired, the 10-11 hours on the bus took its toll on my body, I am trying to recoup from too much of too much.

I will get all my photos published, I have about 500 more to do and I can leave Zinder caught up enough on internet work to feel good. I like to get the photos off my computer and on the internet so if someone steals or breaks the computer I am safe, actually, I have them on the flash drive, but in a freak way, if both were stolen, I want them backed up on the internet and that is where people look anyway.

Zinder Niger Day

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