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World Compound Home Construction

2006-10-07 03:51:00

World Compound Home Construction
Savalou Benin West Africa
Thursday, September 21, 2006

This it the typical type of construction of the about 80 percent of the world. They lay lots out, put up a wall, and then sell the area inside for people to build. The wall is the problem for people there is never a completed home in many cases; however, the wall must be good to protect the people inside. In some place, for instance in Niger, they will have a big wall area and in inside the city of Niamey, inside the walls will be groups of grass type huts, sort of community of cheap homes inside the walls.

The new compound to the right, to the left there is a home inside. I took these photos from the balcony of the provincial Hotel in Cove, Benin. West Africa.

The left side of the compound home.

The middle, there is often some crops inside as they are protected.

Notice the car entrance and walking gates. This is a prepared or developed lot in the world fashion, the only thing that is not normal is there should be class bottle broke and in the top of the walls. Africa seems to be a lot safer than the rest of the world from robbery. Less barbwire and broken glass in tops of walls.

World Compound Home Construction