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West Africa Motorcycle Taxis

West Africa Motorcycle Taxis
Bohicon or Abomey Benin West Africa
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

There is a maybe a 5-6 kilometer or mile distance between these two cities, yesterday I drove a round trip by Motorcycle taxi to Abomey, then did not like the place and came back to Bohicon. I was on a Moto, Zim, or whatever you call them for about one hour looking for a MOTEL as I have finally accepted. Note an Auberge is the cheaper lodging here, I should be saying an Auberge, however does not matter, the taxi drivers do not speak French well.

This is the smaller version of a motorcycle taxi, sometime more of a scooter, not a big difference if you have no bag. I do not want a powerful motorcycle and a stupid West Africa person driving. Better if the Moto is slow, and cannot pass everything like a crazy man.

This is a good Moto or Zim to get on, the rack allows a heavy backpack room to rest and not strain your back.

This one is ok for short trips, but who ever knows how far the trip is, if a person is weak, they really need the top type of motorcycle for a taxi and not this type without the rack.

This Moto is good for a backpack.
LOOK at the rack on the back, when you sit with a backpack on your back, the weight of the pack will rest on the rack.

I have two backpack, a front and a back one. I go very heavy; I have about 40 Kilos or 85 Pounds of weight. I do not walk around far, at best to get me to walk about 200 yards or meters is a push. I can take a taxi in the 80 percent of the planet I travel normally for less than 2 dollars and normal price is one dollar. Weight is not a problem.

I am in West Africa; there is this perception that two large backpacks is a problem. Vendors will haul ten times the amount of food items from market to market in car or truck. I can go between cities with zero problems. However getting to the motel is a problem. I have started saying take me to the market or I hope the car between cities ends at a market, and this is normal in the small villages.

I have been having some sore shoulders from riding on motos; it became very apparent that with a rack on the back of the moto I could solve my problem. I will not take care and choose the bigger size rack when I enter a city.

West Africa Motorcycle Taxis