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Visa Touristique Entente

2006-10-29 03:08:00

Visa Touristique Entente

Dosso Niger West Africa
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Malanville Benin / Gaya Niger Border

(Visa Touristique Entente or Tourist Visa Entente)
Malanville, Benin - Gaya, Niger Border Crossing

You have 60 days to enter a Visa Touristique Entente
country, then once you enter a Visa Touristique Entente country you have then 60 more days to travel and to use the Visa.

Visa Touristique Entente - This is the Visa that is put in your passport when you purchase. It is to allow you entry to Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, however did not work for Niger. I am from the USA, we do not need Visa to Cote d’Ivoire, therefore we can fly in to Abidjan, get the Visa at the Benin Visa, they travel to Ghana, Togo, Benin, except the problem. Niger did NOT honor the Visa.

Togo Visa Stamp as I entered country of Togo. September 9, 2006 is when I started my Visa by entering Togo, the first country in the Visa Touristique Entente list. I then should have to November 9, 2006 more or less; it can only be 60 days inside the group of countries.

I went over this with the Benin Embassy; they said no problem, that the Visa will start the 60 days when I entered Togo. No good.

Visa Touristique Entente Advertisement, and even in the office in Niamey, Niger. This photo taken in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in the Benin Embassy.

I was made to pay 20,000 CFA to purchase a 30-Day visa to enter Niger today, this smells to me of corruption. I entered Togo and started my Visa on 9 September 2006.

I have a Visa that as I double-checked with the Benin Embassy in Abidjan, I have from August 2 to October 2 to enter and start the visa, after that I have 60 days to travel.

Because it is the fifth of October today they refused to accept, the man said in English,
- Take the Easy Way. -

Smells of corruption to me, and for sure if you apply for a Visa Entente you have to know that it can be problems. This is Africa, all things simple become problems. I am not sure they ever seen a Visa Entente before. The great part is they did not try to send me back to Contonou or something stupid, It was obvious from the start they was looking for a gap in the Mexican find a way to get money method.

I was going to stay in Malanville Benin and then go to Gaya Niger, the next day, another instance of the person writing the guide driving a car, I did find however, two hotels, but more boom boom bang the girls and loud music bars. There are many cheap hotels, that are for the men to bring their extra girl, drink and do boom boom.

Directions given to me by the Benin Embassy, very nice people, in Niamey to the office that handles Visa. I was told they would give me a refund. I hit a dead end; they were determined not to listen.

I went to Niamey, eventually and complained at the D.S.T office in Niamey. The person in charge Souley Djofffo said,
- Niger, we have our ways of doing things. -
I said,
- This is not about Niger; it is about Tourism and the agreement with four other countries to honor a one-visa system to encourage tourism. -
He said,
- Niger does not obey the rules of other countries. -
I said,
- But, Niger was in agreement, to establish this… -

He was impossible, just wanted to be in charge, or the boss, nothing to with listening. Now, Niger has about a 15 percent literacy rate, this mean that anyone and everyone I talk to have almost no ability to read.

Visa Touristique Entente

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