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Traveler Backpack

2006-10-14 02:36:00

Traveler Backpack
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Friday, September 29, 2006

Each continent is different, what is needed in one place is not necessarily needed in another. This causes problem, I need to either carry many extra gadgets, or become very good at purchasing them quickly. It is probably cheaper to purchase than to try to carry the weight onto planes, plus the bag because in danger of being stolen when I do not want to put on my back because it is too heavy.

I worked for the last hour trying to fine-tune my checklist of changes that need to be made to my backpacks, whereby I could manufacture what I would call the perfect traveler bag. Not for mountain climbing, a bag for planes, trains, airplanes and buses, and in Africa, the motorcycle taxi. This will be about number nine prototype. I do not think I will be going to prototype this time; I am going to make one, fit it together, and say let us go.

There are about 14 different component parts to the bag. This means that if you had 14 different sowing machines working, they could probably make one of the bags in about 15 minutes, or 14 x 15 minutes equals 210 Minutes or about 3.5 hours per bag, say four because it also needs assembled or have the entire component sown together.

Swapping out, this is the problem in 90 percent of the planet, maybe 95 percent; the goal of perfection is not perceivable. There are these exceptions, like what the h e l l, not a big deal. It is only a backpack, and the reason Switzerland can make the Swiss knife. Yes, it is only a knife, but it is one of the best.

Therefore, to do this, I need to make 14 separate components perfect. There is the idea within the mind of man, that he can do two or three or many things perfect at one time. Maybe, but not a normal man, this is the problem, the under-developed mind and country actually has more confidence that they are doing a good job than a made-perfect-country like German or Switzerland or whatnot.

A German will pound it to death, making small adjustments, a person from Nepal truly believe they did a good job also. It is the perception of perfect that has to be controlled. This is difficult, there are so many ways to shortcut a process, and how can I insure, if they shortcut something it is found. I more or less build into the bags a redundancy factor, if any one component fails; there is something that allows the bag to function. If a zipper breaks, I can still use the bag.

I am very happy, this is like building a house, but better, a house is big, not easily manageable. You cannot just make 10 prototypes of a home to come up with the perfect home, it is too expensive. There is a person that lives in a home, there is a person that uses the backpack, this person needs to have his or her personal needs met, in this lies the problems of satisfaction.

The second phase of the backpack is how to stock it with all the different gear that may be needed in different areas of planet. I am thinking of all the entry gate cities on the planet. How to have a person enter Abidjan, Cote d-Ivoire and quickly be outfitted with the needed supplies and gear at a value driven price.

I have an idea and a way, however covering the whole planet is not so easy.

Traveler Backpack