Travel Natitingou to Kandi

Travel Natitingou to Kandi
Kandi Benin
Wednesday, October 4, 2006

3500 CFA from Nat to Djougou to Parakou
2500 CFA from Parakou to Kandi

Left Hotel at 7:15, and arrived in Kandi Hotel at 3:00 in afternoon, about 400 Kilometers, the most for one day for me here.

I appear to need to go very far south and then very far north to go to Kandi. I may have been able to go across from up near the park, however I was ready to go to Niger.

Nat to Djougou 50 Kilometers.
Djougou to Parakou 130
Parakou to Kandi 205

I took the cattle cars and more or less, they were direct. Small Peugeot cars and full. Four in front seat and four in the back seat. I was in the front, I should call this Peugeot Yoga, on the second leg, and the armrest was eating my ribs.

I almost stayed in Parakou, however too busy, too much, and the next leg happened easy. I do not like big cities, hard to see anything for the concrete.

I do not how quick a person could go north, Ndali is just a stop, not a city or much and Guessou-Sud is nothing either. I like a city called Gamia, there was a market on. My friend would have to be lot better to deal with some of the conversations needed to find all the hotels in these small villages.

Travel Natitingou to Kandi