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Tired of Africa

2006-10-30 05:01:00

Tired of Africa
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am ready to leave, I am tired of people in Africa, they are just getting annoying, I can never speak English and everyone wants something. The girls are always friendly, but in a child like way.

I am tired of paying double the price of anything, triple, quadruple, I am tired. The value of what you get is bad. Bananas and FanYogo Glase, is good, but the rest, is ridiculous. I paid 6 dollars for a can of Pringles the other day, because I needed something in my stomach.

Eating in the restaurants is minimum 10 US dollars, and you get nothing good. The African Dream has been the first restaurant where I pay excessively much, but I can get something cooked the way I want.

I am frustrated, I just want to stand under a shower, have hot water, and everything sort of work. Thailand is annoying, but it still works twice as well as Africa. It is as if we are suppose to put up with half working everything and pay double. The paying double is the problem for me, when you feel a value is not good, and then you always feel a little cheated. I pay 12,000 CFA for a room; this is about 25 US dollars. In most of the planet, I would be living in top luxury, however in Africa; this is just the going price.

I have had some exceptional values, but generally, I feel like I am on a pay too much vacation.

Where are the people, where are the tourist, there is nobody, just me, I am the only tourist in West Africa, I have now traveled I think about 2 and one half months, I see nobody, a few drinking French guys, in Ghana a few volunteers, but the world is not coming to Africa.

Two people can travel for the price of one, I could easily haul a girl with me, and not cost extra. My fare is paying for them, but the problem is the language and transportations.

I cringe when someone says; show they go on the Amazon River boats. I did it, I know it, but hard to say or recommend you go live like an Animal and have 100 Hammock on your head and a fat persons butt in your face.

The same is for the Bush Taxi, I call them Cattle Cars, and the Fat women abound in them. They put as many people in a car as possible, hard to tell a person to go and do this. I am special; I will travel to any city and stop anywhere to sleep. I do not have a plan that is written in rock, I do just wander, when I am tired of the taxi, I depart and life is good.

Nevertheless, the average traveler, they need to have as many tourist destinations as possible, this coupled with a Bush taxi is difficult.

The truth is, Africa is extremely easy to drive, and 99 percent of persons coming here have a vehicle and drive. Backpacking is out, and overland driving is in, I am a different person here.

The whole system, guidebooks, everything is set up for the car, there is 90 percent Motels and 10 percent little mom and pop hotels.

I think about a motorcycle, my next trip will probably enter either into Ethiopia, or into Senegal, but who knows and who cares.

Tired of Africa