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The Work Day in Niger

2006-10-30 04:28:00

The Work Day in Niger
Niamey Niger West Africa
Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today is Sunday in Niamey, Niger, more or less a day of rest, as is Saturday. The Hotel is empty, the staff is not working, the World Vision office across the street with maybe 30 workers is empty, no NGO-SUV-TOYOTAS to be seen.
90 percent of the country is Sunni Muslim.

Therefore Sunday is not a Holy day, however they have adapted the world strategy as has most of the world. Monday thru Friday is workday. They do not work much on Saturday or Sunday.

FRIDAY as best I understand is a holy day, so kick that off the list of workdays.

Here in Niger from 12:00 Noon until about four or five everyone stops work and an in reality, they never start again. This is sort of an African Mexican siesta.

Now, you need to pray five times per day, so a couple of breaks in the morning….

Men normally do not work, the women appear to do almost 90 percent of the work, and the children do a lot of the harvesting of crops.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, the do not work and fast, they cannot drink water, and in the 100-Degree temperature, they had better not work.

All of this leads me to say to Maegi in Zinder.
- You only need to work three hours, that is all it would take to NOT be number 177 out of 177, as listed, or the bottom of the Human Development Index.

He said,
- Work is a sin. -

I said,
- What? -

It is the love of money.
I said,
- Well, do not worry; I do not see anybody sinning here. -

As best I can figure, the women are exempt from the bead counting, and the going to Mosque, therefore do 90-95 percent of the work.

Asking questions about this is taxing, not easy, sensitive, and only about 15 percent of the population can read.

I guess nobody in Niger will read this…

The average age of death is 42; I suppose they should retire early.

The Work Day in Niger