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State of Fear

2006-10-30 03:54:00

State of Fear
Niamey Niger West Africa
Thursday, October 12, 2006

I just finished the book, State of Fear by Michael Crichton; I have not read it two times. It is about Environmentalist proposing that Global Warming is going to cause abrupt changes to the planet.

Michael pretty much says, this theory on Global Warming is just stupid and a great way to raise money for environmental groups.

I am immersed presently in a state of.. ? This is interesting; the first word that came to mind like some Rorchach test is,
- Racism. -

I just walked from a small hotel for NGO-ONG groups, to the local corner stores, purchased an ice yogurt thing, introduced myself of the FanYoga guy, Madou, and walked back. I am thinking, why do I feel immersed in racism. The feeling is maybe this sense of those in the 4-wheel drives and those outside. I am walking, everyone seems interested, and like why is a white man walking around, where is your NGO-ONG-SUV-TOYOTA?

Not a good way to keep yourself an elitist if you walk around at street level, I am not an elitist, and this is the problem. I do not look for ways to be special. I think often of this, the socialization of all white people in this area of West Africa, is you should volunteer or help the people. I feel a pressure, as if I cannot just be a tourist.

When there is not a NGO-ONG-SUV-TOYOTA, I feel little pressure, I think it is the constant almost getting ran over by these giant too large and driven by fourth graders vehicles. The locals drive them also, the whites drive slower, the black drive like the own all areas of the road.

The sense I feel is the people in the vehicles believe to themselves,
- I am not like them. -

I think the blacks act normally like fourth graders, and giving them a one-ton car to point at me is irresponsible, they have enough of their own; I do not see the need more.

I do not know, the NGO people seem like six graders, a need to be in charge, just getting old enough and big enough where they get very distinct personality and expect people to listen.

Like HG Wells, and the Time Machine book, there are the haves that live on top of the earth, and the have not who live below, outside the NGO-ONG-SUV-TOYOTA,

The best job in the country is probably working for the government; you can abscond with the money paid by the NGO’s. The second is to work for the NGO’s.

I do not know, idle speculations, Michael was talking about this at the end of the book, I do speculate a lot. I observe and give opinions, not always correct, and for sure often wrong, however they are opinions, not facts. However, as he was saying, people believe the media or things written, I trust neither, and think nobody should.

I used to think a photo or film clip was good, but now, I can see how they can make them show anything they wish.

People have agendas, I am wondering what mine is, it is also annoying I cannot say hello to pretty girls here, without worry of violence, time to go south again.

I will think about this book more, it has some insightful ideas on how to run a save the world program. I never can figure out what needs saved. I am thinking though, Benin, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire had the same problems of malnutrition as Niger, there are people living in the desert that need to move out of the desert, not a place to live. Hey you, come in out of the rain, you are dying.

State of Fear