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Scarecrow Some Go This Way

2006-10-29 04:27:00

Scarecrow Some Go This Way
Zinder Niger West Africa
Monday, October 9, 2006

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ask which direction leads to Oz, some go this way pointing one direction, then some go this way pointing the other way, and some go both.

1500 Miles if I go to the USA, then travel to Asia.
7500 Miles if I go direct from Africa to Asia

This is almost irrelevant though with Airplane travel, what I care about is the cost. Which is the best value of lowest cost.

I started to work my way through this and remember, I told myself, no more buying tickets in the USA, I would if possible, buy a ticket to the USA and round to the next destination.

I am going to start trying to fly either to Bangkok Thailand or Chicago, Illinois. I will try to buy a ticket starting in Niamey, Niger, then again in Burkina, Faso, and continue until I find a ticket of reasonable cost, I suppose to either destination under 800 US dollars one-way is good. I with be happy when about 5 years past and all the tickets can be purchased on the internet, and stop the travel agent gouging. Plus only e-tickets, not issued tickets to protect.

I am trying to find the cheapest path in and out of Africa, so I can plan my next trip, how to enter and leave cheap.

I need to double check and discover which Africa countries have embassies in Bangkok, Philippines, Singapore. I live so far from Washington DC and it would cost so much for me to travel to Washington DC or New York to attain visa, it is cheaper to do in Europe. For an American flying into Abidjan is always good, and I think Senegal is good.

Visas, roads, military coups, what country you are from, incoming and outgoing travel. I am looking for the Gates, I will travel from Gate to Gate by land, and therefore a trip from Senegal to Abidjan would be Gate to Gate Travel. Air Moroc is one of the cheaper airlines for some, Ethiopia and Egypt Air, and Air Afriqiyah.

Scarecrow Some Go This Way

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