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Savalou Benin

2006-10-07 03:45:00

Savalou Benin
Savalou Benin West Africa
Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am lucky today, all went easy, took a taxi to the car waiting to leave for Dassa Zoume, left an hour later when one was full. We arrived at Dassa Zoume and I said,
- Savalou -
The whole car was going there and I said how much.
Dassa Zoume was 1500 CFA
Savalou was 1800 CFA

We arrive, the driver want more, I do not have change, I pay him 2000, would have paid him 1800, but did not have the correct change. Told him with my best eye contact to go do something again that is anatomically impossible. Hope a Bike Taxi to a Hotel; they took me to Hotel Musso. I discover there is Internet, I go there, and to boot there is a Motel, by the name Motel for 6500 behind the Internet. I look, thinking very far from anything, the internet sucked. CyberCafePro program rules and nothing is able to work. The man tried to connect my computer and when he decided to change the click for Home page to a different page, I knew he was clueless. I use the very bad CyberCafePro and got by on a French Keyboard. Put down the Benchmark of Savalou, saying I am in Savalou, Benin West Africa. Took a taxi, said hotel, and he took me to Musso Hotel, all Motos or Zims here go to Musso, hard to say no.

Savalou Benin