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Savalou Benin Water

Savalou Benin Water
Savalou Benin West Africa
Thursday, September 21, 2006

West Africa seems so modern to me, it hard for me to say it is primitive, it has its moments. What is primitive is the push, macho thing of the men, sometimes the women. I just took a nice 10-gallon dip hot water shower, nothing like making the body feel clean and new, like a hot water shower.

I am debating in Africa; I just took a photo in front of the Musso Hotel here in Savanou, Benin of the water meters. I see water towers everywhere, and I like this, I have seen more water meters here than all of South America.

Water Meters at the Hotel Musso in Savalou Benin.

Water is a preoccupation for travelers, hot water for showers, getting a drink when none is obvious. It the water safe, what is the story. Well, I hope in the world of public water systems and pay to have water; the water is safe to drink. I always drink the water, however it is still a consideration to dwell on, it the water I am drinking safe.

Well water, stagnant water, some of the streams, some of the pipe below the ground that is siphoning the water from the sewer lines, all create. I have only seen topnotch water in Africa, not much bad, however I am going to about 10 countries and there is some 50 plus countries here, just a drop for me.

I am going north, I hope to see primitive, what a bad thing to say in a way, like saying, I want a group of people to be poor. I just keep thinking the farther from the ocean the more primitive. Savalou is not good, it is more modern than Bohicon, or Abomey in many ways, and organized. I can see a presence of though going on in the designs of the city, the water, the electricity, and the streets the infrastructure is good, there are almost zero people selling products of not-able-to-get-ahead-value. Those products where people get more exercise than sales. Many homes here have garden plots, or fenced in areas of Corn and such. The square compound design is everywhere.

Savalou Benin Water