Savalou Benin Hotel

Savalou Benin Hotel
Savalou Benin West Africa
Thursday, September 21, 2006

6500 or less CFA Hotel Musso Savalou Benin.

I checked into the Musso, me leaving made the manager nervous, so the price went down. I have toilet inside the room, screens on window and a mosquito net. Normal routing of a bunch of hair girls next door doing Mesh or Braids, and motos or zims close. I am checking now, it no taxis close, I will not rent a room.

The Hotel is nice, gave me toilet paper, and a towel, go figure, I am thinking they have dip showers here as the garbage can size water container in the shower. I have enough water to heat to take a bath.

The staff as normal is watching music TV, or dazing. Nothing happening in this city, nothing happening in most, the bigger ones have more dust. This is nice place, nestled into some hills.

I will fully leave the path tomorrow, go northwest toward the Togo border, and skirt along the edge all the way north towards Djougou or Natitingou Benin. There are probably three stops along the way according my fancy and the Somba People…

I will enjoy, I believe the next two hundred miles north of here. Note, the mesh girls are sometimes exchanged or replaced by a group or girls sowing on machines. The to major women groups in a modern type city. Savalou is an easy trip or shot form Bohicon, I could have gone another two hours north with little problem. Savalou is nice, however not very out to me…

Savalou Benin Hotel