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Publishing Africa Photos

Publishing Africa Photos
Zinder Niger West Africa
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The cities where there is faster internet in Africa are the places I do not want to live or be, the cities I enjoy and want to live do not have internet or the speed is so slow I cannot publish my photos.

I take many photos, I take as many photos as I feel like taking, however sometimes I think, I will not be able to publish or send to the internet. I want to slow down; it takes time to send to the internet or in technical language FTP, file transfer protocol.

In Zinder, I can publish about 100 photos per day in two hours between the hours of 8 and 10 in the morning, in Natitingou at the same time period I was able to publish 25, so four times the photos for about the same money, one or two dollars per hour.

There is a need for me to label, send, back up and guarantee the data I collect is safe. Carrying the data in my computer is not safe; I am only as safe with the information, data, photos, blog post, letters, page updates as the last time I published to the internet.

To further protect myself, all the above list of information is also copied daily onto a two Gig thumb or flash drive. I normally work or use the flash as first memory source, then back up the whole chip onto the computer.

I have three major types of digital information that needs sent to the internet.

1. PUBLIC - Pages I update on my WebPages, small and easy to publish.
2. PUBLIC - Photos I have taken, about 25 per day taken to 50, according to the country.
3. PRIVATE USE - Typed information, letters, emails, excel and Microsoft Works databases.
The private use is the danger; I have no immediacy of need to put on the internet. I was listening intently as Josef explained what was on his laptop of the Eden Foundation, I believe he is extremely cautious and protects research data very well.

Publishing Africa Photos