Preparing to Leave Ivory Coast

Preparing to Leave Ivory Coast
Abidjan Cote Divoire West Africa
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am leaving today with Emirates Airlines October 31, 2006 Tuesday around 4:00 PM and will arrive in Bangkok, Thailand on about November 1, 2006 at 4:00 in the afternoon or something like that.

I have been trying to stay busy, and keep my brain happy. I ate a 10 Dollars Pizza last night here in the African Dream Restaurant and Hotel in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast.

A hamburger and French Fries cost 7 US Dollars, to say the least, Ivory Coast is not cheap, and it is outrageously expensive.

I have been working on putting up all the airports in the world on my site

We are doing database sites, with a thing called mod-rewrite, it is all PHP stuff and extremely complicated. Andrew boy genius of India is my right hand man and techie and take a very complicated thought on my part and help transliterate it into a feasible database in sol or PHP, all according to how you think of things.

We have about 20 some databases doing various things.

I came up with a system where I can make a database and enter all the code, html, and formatting, comments, today, I am sending the first database to Andrew to see if it works… heehawed

Two steps forward and one-step back, I know there are problems, but what is a person to do, this is what I like to do solve problems.

Inventions or Innovations

I am constantly trying to invent or combine ideas to create a better situation, strange, but I feel the most alive when I am creating a real life something. Writing in the blog is more of a thinking life through process and not creative, however always enlightening.

One invention or idea…

I have a camera bag, it has three zippers on it, and one or two of the pouches is a problem. I carry these rechargeable batteries in one some pouch on the sleeve or strap of the camera bag. If I grab some batteries, then forget to zip it shut, the batteries inside can come flying out, it happened one day and a car ran over two batteries. These are not cheap batteries and hard to buy overseas at any reasonable price.

They wanted 32 US dollars for two here in Abidjan, I did not buy. I carry eight at all time, and will soon go to 12 or 16.

I figure out a way to connect nylon cord to the zippers, when I stretch the bag, the straps pull the zippers shut, it is annoyingly in the way and only comfortable when I pull the zippers shut. I have safety pinned it to the bag, and will get it under a sewing machine soon or sew myself.

It is something in my brain I call redundancy, a backup system to keep me from forgetting.

Well, in a way is the culmination of many moons of thinking and deliberation. I hope I can see the result of my database work soon, however, as normal I have to wait for Andrew to try to even come close to keeping up with all my projects.

It is fun, and hopefully profitable, I am putting up in one broad swoop over 14, 748 pages, and that is many pages. It is all a mathematical feasible study, in combinations and permutations. Made to provide good information on Airports, and to be profitable.

I will hopefully approach soon all the airlines of the planet, with a special focus on the LCC or low cost carriers, which are not told to you by the travel agencies.

Preparing to Leave Ivory Coast

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