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PDF Books for Africa

2006-10-30 04:19:00

PDF Books for Africa
Niamey Niger West Africa
Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Niger man who spoke a little English told me, when I asked,
- Why do you speak English? -
He replies,
- It is the language of business and travel. -

I said,
- Yes, except for North Africa, and than it French, I must learn French to travel in North Africa. -

I found maybe five English books in this NGO-ONG home stay, type hotel here in Niamey. There is about 1500 German book here, because this place of for German DED Development. The sign on the door is about German Development, you would think I am living in their office.

Five books is a lot, I found many maybe 2000 English books in the Natitingou, Benin Peace Corps office. The guidebook says in the Galion Hotel in Lome Togo they have a good selection of books. I am reading an English guidebook, and it neglects to say,
- They are in French. -

I really do feel like the only tourist in West Africa. However, this is great, in a way, can get extremely lonely. Niger is a lonely desert of nothingness to do; I can only talk with the men, because of the Islamic religion. It is bad enough talking to illiterate beautiful black girls in Benin, Togo, Ghana or Cote d’Ivoire, but in Niger, the conversations with the illiterate is abound. A good conversation can happen if I find a person living here from Africa. I met a diplomat’s son from Algeria, the other day in the internet café.

I do not find the NGO - ONG or Peace Corps friendly, I have been trying to experiment with a few I have seen .They come to this Jo Jo Market area and buy vegetables, an amazing selection. I try to see if they give me a nod of the head, eye contact, etc, I have never had one say hello.

Bleak and not so friendly white people and the black men 99 percent of the time just want my address so they can write and get an invitation to the USA. I say,
- I am not going to invite to the USA, and even if I did, this is not going to help you, it does not work that way, you are mistaken. -

What do I do, I get my intimacy by staying out of Niger, and reading. The problem is this….

1. Books weight a lot, heavy to carry.
2. Books take up lot of space.
3. I must carry at least seven and here in Africa to insure I always had a book, I would need to carry 10-15.

This is too much, so I have a backup.

PDF Books
I have 55 to 75 PDF books most I do not want to read, but I can read.

Problem with PDF books.
1. I need electricity in the room for my computer. This is not a problem normally in West Africa, but I am told in Guinea in the far west close to Senegal is electricity is a problem.
2. When I want to read is at night, when I may not have electricity is early in morning and after seven or eight at night. If generators, like on an island or small town, they turn the city on and off. They did this in Bassila, Benin.
3. PDF Files take up a lot of memory, putting them on my computer is dangerous, it is fine, but I want to back them up, to put one gig of books on the internet is a problem, to download is a problem, but I back up on 2 Gig flash stick or thumb drive. I will soon need a five gigs stick and that is expensive. Not for me, but for the casual travel, yes.

I have 55 Book more or less, I got them by downloading, with E-mule, and I doubt this is legal.

Used books on the planet go from about 50 cents US to about 3 dollars, many countries try to make you pay more, but I normally find enough in this price range. I like free, one for one exchange.

I would easily pay 3 dollars for PDF book to download, I do not know if I can buy books, I know after 3 dollars for books, I will roam around more and look in hotel more. The cost of books is getting ridiculous and living in a hotel and paying 10 dollars for a book just seems out of whack.

I was just thinking yesterday, there needs to be a very expensive shipping and help service in the USA for expats and research persons.

Example: I am doing a research on Africa medicines; I discover a great resource book on the internet. I have six week in Africa and I am moving around. I am going to Lome Togo on Thursday; please have it sent to this hotel now. It will take three to four, to five days to arrive by Fed Ex, not overnight normally in funky places.

The Fed Ex is not a problem; it is the person in the USA that is a problem. Friends, and other people are not dependable, they just cannot see that one or two days is a lot, it is two days of sitting in my room really, doing nothing. If I am done with a city, there is nothing to do, I am ready to leave.

Here is a good option, I can go to garage sales in the USA, buy a hundred books for 10 cents apiece, and they are incredibly cheap. Packs them up and send to Hotels in South Africa, where by the owners are French, I have never met another country, yes, I did, and I met American women in Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire.

This is why I need Hostels of my own or homes of my own in strategic locations; I can provide the proper services for a hotel. I am in this DED place and they supply the proper services for an Expat, a kitchen, laundry facilities, books, common areas, like an exceptionally good hostel with no people in it, I do not know where or what they do, but nobody is hanging around here. Presently there is a black man and his children, some Italian, and no Germans, the place will take people off the street, anything for a buck.

Find Ebooks, in PDF files that I can buy or download, collect about 100 of them, and then I can travel Africa for one year, as I read about two books per day.

Then comes the out in the desert problem, how do I charge my computer with solar power, when there is no electricity, what if it is raining for two weeks.

The copyright of books really do put people in a dilemma, I think 3-5 dollars is fair for an e-book, but I do not think more is fair, and I want to share with my friends, like a normal book.

I believe one dollar saved it the same as earning three dollars. Easier to save one dollar than to earn three dollars. I have some researchers, who eventually will go through massive amounts of books and data to find the locations of book exchanges, then we can have master list where a person can get English books.

The could save a person from becoming an alcoholic in Africa, this is what people do here for entertainment, they drink.

PDF Books for Africa