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Parasites in Africa

2006-10-27 04:27:00

Parasites in Africa
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Monday, October 2, 2006

I have returned form Boukombe to Natitingou, on the cattle car was Sara from the Peace Corps. They have a lot of training and I asked a question before we left about a small naked boy with a large protruding belly.

What do you think, why does that boy have a belly like that? She says, very conclusively Parasites.

The last girl in Apam, the volunteer said hunger.

Well, parasites sound better, I do not see them being hungry in Boukombe; however, I also think the big butts of Africa couple with no muscles in the belly of the child, offsets to make a naked childes belly look bigger than a white baby does.

I really do not know what or how I would travel the planet without a computer for a friend and resource of answers to this question. I have the Encyclopedia Encarta on my computer, therefore went back to the room and read about parasites or parasitology the study of parasites.

Malaria, Ticks, Worms, Waterborne, viruses, anything under the sun is a parasite a good cover all your bases that explains the types of animals or entities that causes problems for travelers.

I suppose a good way to diet, get a good worm in Africa and allow it to rob me of my entire calorie intake. I see many fat people in Africa, they need more parasites.

I will take another dose of kill all the parasites medicine when I return to Thailand; the cure is easier than the diagnosis.

However, fear is what the people sell, malaria; I am annoyed at how often I hear about Malaria, I wish I would get it so I could talk more about it. I listen to many people talk or take Malaria medicine and duh, do you have a mosquito net, do you have repellent, do you leave or stop the mosquitoes, nope, and come in out of the rain idiot.

They will take expensive medicine but not prevent the cause. I am working on the idea of walking barefoot and how many parasites can I get… hehehe. I should have parasites from walking barefoot, I have gone as long as one month of my life with never putting on a shoe. However, how or where do I catch parasites. Talk, talk and talk, but not as simple as it is to say.

Ok, water, soils, other people. In Arabic countries, they want me to put on the sandals they give me to walk to the shower. I am not crazy, they are not clean, and I could get a fungus. Nonetheless, many a girl you see in Asia or Africa must have on sandals to walk around in a room.

What is up with that? There is this preoccupation with keeping their feet off the toilet floor and in Asia or some areas there is a preoccupation with not walking in a room with your shoes on. I cannot win, shoe on or shoes off, how to I catch, or how can I stop these parasites and fungus.

I truly believe what I am doing as I type stops 90 percent of problems. I am cooking up some hot hot water to bath with and will slowly scrub my body with some real hot water.

Parasites, a new thing to dwell on or obsess on today.

Parasites in Africa

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