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No Transportation to Tanguieta Benin

2006-10-26 04:31:00

No Transportation to Tanguieta Benin
Boukombe Benin West Africa
Sunday, October 1, 2006

Save it for another day, I wanted to travel north to Tanguieta; however, the gentleman that spoke good English says there is no public transportation form Boukombe to Tanguieta.

Now, I think he is saying, this is very difficult, you could be waiting for days to get from this village to that village and you are going to have to ride different from white men ride.

I like to ride in the cattle cars because I get a very personal tour of the villages, they are safe, extremely crowded, and I meet funky people. The time though it takes to go 50 Kilometers on a GREAT road is annoying. The NGO can do the same trip with the SUV-NGO 10 time faster. I am willing to bet you can travel Africa at a rate of about 50-50 mile or kilometers per hour with zero problem and probably easy. This is as fast as any Asia big bus would go.

Sand and huge washed out ruts, this is the problem. I think the motocross, big tired, knobby whatever dirty bikes is the ideal way to travel, it could go down and cow path.

A 4-wheel drive van would be cool, but too wide for cow paths. To really see Africa in this life and not ten lives, I think I would need to have a dirt bike. I seen this Summit Brand, I have seen a Yamaha Brand, I am not sure, the man said I can purchase for 400,000 Francs or about 800 US dollars.

I can probably purchase a normal street bike type moto taxi for less than 200 dollars that would make it through one country. I could purchase inside the country and dump it on the way out. No big paper problems to use or have, I am thinking about how many pieces of papers is necessary to get a bike across a border. It is amazing how difficult it could be and how long it could take.

Let me think… Moto what is my Moto goal?
My goal is to go from Boukombe to Tanguieta, stop and see a few villages and peruse Benin.

Sometimes my being a cheap hobo looking for solutions causes me to not see the obvious.

There are some very short distances in Benin, which could take a ridiculously long time to travel. It could take me four hours to go 30 US Miles.

The distance between Boukombe and Tanguieta is less than 35 miles. There are two not cheap options, but cheap for Europe… hehehe, it I was traveling by train in Europe about the same.

4-5 people in Bush Taxi a.k.a. Cattle Car
If I paid for the whole car between Natitingou and Boukombe, it would cost me 1500 times five or about 7500 CFA, this is about 15-17 US dollars.

The Moto Taxis the Motorcycles offered me the first price of 6000 CFA, but how to I carry two large bags on a moto for 50 Kilometers. The distance between Natitingou and Boukombe is 50 Kilometers or very close in real road miles.

Therefore I could get two of them and go for 12000 or 25 US Dollars for 50 Kilometers.

This was asking price, so maybe I get two for 8000, or more than a car, the 6000 seems very high, but to get a passenger back would be a problem and there do not also serve as trucks. The cattle cars haul a lot of cattle or weight.
My thought it to just pay my way to Tanguieta, skip Natitingou and go for Bantia, then over to Kandi. This trip is not common and would get me into the last final phases of Benin with just a few more dollars… OR NOT…

I am paying 2000 for my room, and normal pay is 8000 in Benin or maybe 6000, I was lucky in Natitingou and paid 4000.

The cost of rooms can offset the cost of transportation. I think 90 percent of the roads I can go fast enough to use the normal cattle car, I hate calling them bush taxis, and there is no bush here. They have cut down every bush or brush and burned it for fuel. There is dense grass…

I will do a check today, how much to go from here to Tanguieta if I pay for the taxi, no stopping. Rent a car, that does not normally rent to white people; they do this for many locals though.

I think for less than 25 US dollars, which is a lot cheaper than buying a motorcycle I can pay my way to the tough spots and go-fast enough to go beyond a crawl.

Note, in the book Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux he often or most of the time commissioned a driver. This makes two things possible, stopping and taking a photo and to go faster. The problem is danger, the danger of being robbed greatly increases if I grab the car the day before. If I get the car the same day, not a big risk, but if the driver has time, can tell his buddies, then they can get together, ambush me. He needs a days notice for that, and I do not give anyone a day’s notice of me traveling down isolated roads.

One probably he had, was a driver got outside of the city and wanted to double the price, normal between a rock and hard place mentality of all under-developed stupid normal countries. The bully mentality, if I can get away with it, I will do it.

No Transportation to Tanguieta Benin

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