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Niger Wet Laundry

2006-10-30 03:59:00

Niger Wet Laundry
Niamey Niger West Africa
Friday, October 13, 2006

I am in an Air Conditioned, what I would say is Three Star quality room in Niamey, amazingly nice. I saw a washing machine, decided to pay the exorbitant fees to have my long pants washed.
I gave them the pants in the morning, rather hoping they would be completed in the evening. In the Hot Niger dry heat, a pair of pants can dry on the clothesline in an hour or two.


Easy to say, difficult to understand, what is an under-developed nation, maybe this is explains a little.

- Third World, general designation of economically developing nations.-

I am trying to do some simple economics, some business in Niger; I want to pay to have my clothes washed. I have only paid two times in two months of travel in West Africa. The reason, it is insanely difficult to find good laundry service at reasonable prices. I will do it myself rather than pay inflationary prices of 10-20 dollars per hour for laundry, in a country where 2 dollars per day is the average wage.

I tried to help the lady with the laundry, I could see my pants outside on the line earlier, I went to go take my pants off the clothes line, however the door was locked to the rear, it was not earlier. I asked the woman about my pants, she said they was not done, translated meaning, I cannot be bothered to give them to you now. She is the other, she is not even the one who cleaned them, she is the most responsible or irresponsible person here.

I thought, ok, I will wait, it has not rain here for a long time, and my pants will be ok on the line for the night.


I am lying here in my bed and it is pouring rain, my pants are wet again.

This is a simple of example of how under-developed nations, or the Third Word economies function. They have the choice and the options to do it right, however the culture stops them, doing a good quality job is not part of the culture.

Selfishness is primary, the leaders in Africa are selfish, and they only are leaders to steal the money from their people. It is not the leaders, a leader is the good representative of the culture, and a leader is a good example of the culture, from the top to the bottom, normally the leader of the nation sets the pace, is the example of the people, that is why he or she is the leader.

I love Africa, however, I will do anything, including washing all my clothes by hand, hanging them up in my room, like spider webs to avoid the most simple and common thing on the planet, doing my laundry.

The first time I paid, they lost my one shirt, the second time I pay, it is a calamity, a Cannery Row circus, and it is fun.

Niger Wet Laundry