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Niger The Rich Get Richer

2006-10-30 04:06:00

Niger The Rich Get Richer
Niamey Niger West Africa
Saturday, October 14, 2006

A low-level anger, frustration, stresses, maybe I feel something, I try to know why, and it is not simple.

I was born to working class folk, factory workers from Indiana; both my parents worked all their lives in factories. My father, mother, under pressure from the world, with five children they needed to work.

There is rage in my system, there always has been, there may always be, I do not care much, I see it now as motivation. It comes from the frustration of being less than others are. On hindsight, I know my family lived better than most, my parents were exceptional parents, and they sacrificed whereby I could have the better life, all my sisters and brother went to University, and all are one-step above in the class system world than my parents.

I am told,
- God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. -

I accept that I have rage, anger, frustration in myself, the reasons why are not important, the important thing is to not take my low-level anger out on another person. To not punish another, because I feel less than, or feel the desire, to push another person down, so I feel better. I know, it does feel better to know I am more powerful than another person.

I think this is a psychobabble buzzword, to empower the person.

I feel sad, no matter how well I type, how well I explain here, my mother and father will read this.

Mom and Dad, as I have told you many times,
- You are the best parents I have ever met on the planet. -

I wish I were joking; I come from a family that is Leave it to Beaver wonderful and could be the model for the show,
- The Walton’s.
My Brother reminds me of John Boy; my sisters are all some little girls running around in the fields of glory and flowers.

I became an alcoholic, I am 110 percent responsible for this, but the sins of the son are felt, and taken on by the mother and father. I must accept this, I cannot stop my parents from feeling guilty, inadequate, and afraid or whatever, not important, they will deal with their feelings, they are ok, I cannot change how they feel.

I can maybe reassure them,
- They are the best parents I have ever met on the planet earth. - and I met a lot of parents I have yet to find better. My mother would be quite disappointed in me if she thought I was breaking one of the Bibles Ten Commandments and lying. I am not lying, I truly believe this.

I was born a lucky sperm, in one of the most perfect places on the planet to live, where life is John Boy wonderful, then I went out and became an alcoholic, go figure, I had everything and still could not be happy.

Why, why, why am I thinking about this?

I keep thinking about the D.S.T. office and the man, Soufley Ajdoffo, the Director of this office.

I saw a man, that wanted to punish me because I was rich and he feels inadequate. He took his power, and punished me, he felt empowered and made an irrational decision, he held and irrational decision and demanded, he wanted me to agree with him, I never did, walked out of his office, and knowing to myself
- This man needed punished for his actions. -

It is irrelevant whether I feel bad, I am an ex-alcoholic, I deserved the punishment I received, I deserved anything and everything I got for being a jerk at one time my life. D.S.T office of Niger and I guess they want me to get my money back.

It is interesting to talk with people from Sweden or maybe Norway, here are some of the most highly developed countries on the planet, and I can see they feel they are competing with the USA. I often become annoyed, finally, I say, yes you are right, we the USA should listen to Sweden or maybe Norway, they do know better. However, after we listen, we should then,

- Be careful, we may just come over and buy you. -

This puts the fear of God in them, they normally just shut up, this is their essential fear, that somehow the USA can just come in and no matter what they do, and the USA can run over them and pay the money to buy them, dominate them. No matter how correct they may be, the USA can dominate them.

I accept, when I travel, that no matter what I say, think or do, even if I am 100 percent correct. When I enter a country, I am in danger.

I am from the USA, the most powerful country on the planet. When, I say I am from the USA, the person feels, I can see in in their eyes, I can feel their pain,
- You are more powerful than me, and I am less than you. -

This is my rage, I was born a factory workers son, I went to University and continually had to listen to persons who had the easy life, came from parents of Doctors, Lawyers and well to do parents, say,
- Listen to me. -

The goal is to listen, when they are correct, agree, when I am correct, then I have the wisdom to try, the hope is here, in my insides, I am able to stop any frustrations, rage, or over sense of feelings, and look at the opinions of others, when they are correct, say, believe and agree, you are correct, I am wrong, when I am correct, be strong enough to fight for my opinions.

The solution to all of this, is to somehow with any person I meet, say to them,
- Ah, relax, we are the same, I put my shoes on the same as you. -

Amazing how just sitting down on the curb and eating one of these Iced Yogurts in the dust and dirt says to people,
- I am just like you. -

They often come up, sit around, happy, sharing the moment, then they think, I need to try to get something from him, he is richer than me. The poor always see this, and then never can forget, they want what the rich person has, they want to be rich, and they want to be…

Well, sitting on the curb together, they ask me for money or here they say Cadeau, or gift in French. Then I say,
- Work. -

I worked for my money, you work for you money.

Now, if you are an NGO, that did not work for you money, you was given you money, this may be morally difficult to do.

I have no remorse, I worked for everything I have in life, I deserve to benefit from all my work, and I deserve 100 percent the success of It is I at 6:54 AM on Saturday woke up and started typing on this computer. I am the one who paid the price, not you, not someone, not some big power, nobody is giving me this.
I also do not want to punish the boy, I want to say, I am like, you, there is no excuse for you, and you need to work.

I love my parents, they have taught me to work, that only by working can I get ahead, that with work I can change my stars.

I always think of the movie - A Knights Tale. - when the little boy, being given to a rich man, the Knight to be his manservant was floating away on a boat, never to see his father again. I felt the pain, I am being deserted.

He says to his father,
- But how shall I come home? -
His father has told him to go off with the more powerful man and to change his stars.
His father says,
- Follow your feet. -

To return to my family, my parents, to my paradise, all I ever have to do, is,
- Follow my feet. -
And I can return to my Father and Mother and a paradise like no other place I know.

Soufley Ajdoffo, the Director of this office, is an evil man, who needs punished. Not for what he is doing to me, I could care less, I almost gave him 20,000 CFA more, to show him, I am rich and he is poor.

The point I kept trying to make, is you are punishing your country, you are saying to the world, the rules to not apply in Niger, that the,
- Visa Touristique Entente -

I said, you make the
- Visa Touristique Entente -
Worthless, it become just an empty joke, something everyone worked hard on to make, something that would allow thousands if not millions of person to use, to travel as tourist to FIVE countries,
- Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Niger, and Burkina Faso, what a wonderful trip, with Ghana in the middle, but Ghana making life simple for tourist. -

Because the person at the Gaya border of Niger and Benin, at the police station in Gaya, because two men want me to pay 20,000 CFA and then I come and talk with Soufley Ajdoffo, the Director of this office the D.S.T. office here in Niamey, and he says, or thinks, you are from the USA, we will punish you, you are rich, I am poor, you need to pay.

Justice is what is needed, not this fourth grade mentality, Soufley Ajdoffo, the Director of this office was and is acting like a fourth grader, he is a child, he is not a leader.

A leader, see what is correct, tries to work for the side of corrects, what is good, what is just, even if it hurts himself.

Note, IF I work real hard, somehow make news, make web pages, get the attention of people in all these Five countries, I will guaranteed I can never return to NIGER. It would be too dangerous, The powers that be, Soufley Ajdoffo, this man would want to hurt me, maybe kill me, no amount of rational psychobabble, I am right and you are wrong would stop him; he would try to take revenge if possible.

It is complicated, confusing, and when you take a Goat herder in the middle of Iraq, give him Billions of dollars of oil money, you can make a world-class dangerous person. He wishes to punish the world, and in the process punishes himself and his people.

I needed punished, deserved to be punished for having four DWI, or Driving while intoxicated, or drunk. I paid the price, and I am still not forgiven, I will never be forgiven, that is horseshit if you think people forgive you, they never do.

However, the reality in life is this, we do something we pay, and we do something good we may be rewarded. Life is not fair, life is what it is, sometime justice prevails, however you can change you stars, if you believe it is possible.

In Niger, the rich get richer and the poor may get poorer. This is not true, the poor do not normally get poorer, and they continue to improve.

What is true is the rich protect the status quo, make sure they stay in power at all cost, and the only way to do this is to keep the poor and the uneducated, stupid and power. Never, allow them power enough or money enough to challenge the rich.

A sense of justice does not come along with education.

I am working on a list of how to be a responsible traveler. I was frustrated.

Why, I discovered there is some organizations that has already thought of this, and to boot, I read in from the rich kids who traveled Africa written in the Lonely Planet West Africa from guide writes driving around in cars, and me in a Bush Taxi, not called a Bush Taxi. Therefore, the sloppy, rich kids have already beat me to the punch.

So maybe I can throw some support their way, if they are doing good work, I will support, if I can help.
Two Organizations listed:
British one called
- Tourism Concern -
- Rethinking Tourism Project -

In a perfect world, I would go a do searches, give you nice links here, I may when I finish the tip, however, presently I am in the ever fourth grade classroom of Niamey, Niger, and it is become onerous to do this. I hope that and the miracle of the internet is a good person can read this, and add in the comments; the proper links and help the cause of responsible tourist.

I may as time goes one, find their website and continue to revise and reevaluate my opinions write them an email saying,

I am Andy of, I have traveled the planet for 10 years and over 75 countries, I think I qualify as a tourist. I may be one of the ultimate international tourists.

I would like to help, give some ideas and observations, maybe help me to learn, and to maybe help you see the consequences of irresponsible tourism.

Blah blah blah

I have done this on other issue; I try to write Compaq Computers, now because of being with HP, Hewlitt Packard…
I cannot find the correct spelling on my machine, my nemesis the world of Acronyms. I have an HP Pavilion Zt3000.

Thanks to Encarta Encyclopedia, I can search, the spelling is
- Hewlett Packard -

I write them and say, I think I am a great test subject, I have been carrying your computer around now for 10 years, I am now on my third Compaq, two were Compaq and now this one is Hewlett-Packard, I guess this is now the same company. Whatever, I want to be a test subject; I can tell you all the problems I have while using your computer under the worst of conditions.

They never write back and they never even respond, Nonetheless, I continue to recommend, I do not stop, and it is still the best computer I know of for travel. Mainly because I can find a Hewlett-Packard repair center in other parts of the world and I cannot find a Dell, or Sony, although Sony is getting big enough on computers, I may find one soon. Sony is smart, I like their cameras, but cameras are throw away items, if one breaks you have no choice, throw it away.

A computer will break, and you need to debug it

Ok, enough, the point here in all of this is a good ideas is a good idea, the correct or just idea needs protected and encouraged whoever is the messenger. The reason Niger has problem is because the elite, the rich, the ruling class protect their position and have the power. They need to have reason and justice prevail, but for now, they will revel in being him at the bottom of the HDI - Human Development Index, and they may deserve to be there, and for that, they are 100 responsible.

I do not expect Hewlett-Packard Company to listen, and I do not expect Niger to listen, but I will do my part and tell the truth.

Being a responsible tourist is difficult, to be a responsible NGO is critically important, the ONG NGO organizations in Niger are 99 percent wrong and 1 percent correct. They seem to be doing 99 percent wrong and 1 percent correct; they are 99 percent irresponsible and 1 percent responsible. Niger is 99 percent irresponsible and 1 percent responsible.

Or they are 177 on the bottom, they are irresponsible and not caring people, and they are the worst, of the 177 countries listed by the United Nations in the HDI the acronym of Human Development Index, Niger strives to retain the lead, they are the worst developed country on the planet and I think they deserve the ranking 110 percent.

In addition, I believe 200 percent that anyone can change their stars, actually to not lie only 100 percent possible.

Someone is now saying, what is his agenda…?
Today, to be the best person I can be, and listen.

Niger The Rich Get Richer